Miami Hurricanes : Shannon’s Year One Situation

There’s been a lot of action in our ‘comments’ section lately, some of it spot on while the rest remain all over the map.

Fans are lumped into different camps these days; Randy Shannon ‘lovers’ or anti-Shannon ‘haters’. Strange, so much focus is put on the man in charge instead of paying attention the past, present and future state of the program – where this recently was, where it is and where it’s on track to go.

There are always two ways to look at a situation; either through a logical or illogical mind, where emotion prevails and facts are replaced by off-base opinions and knee-jerk reactions.

I’ve said it time and again; my loyalty is with the University of Miami. It’s not about being pro and anti-Randy. I’m rooting for the guy in charge because he’s in charge. This is the current State of Miami and one can either get on board, bitch relentlessly or simply stick their head in the sand until this era comes to a close.

Based on fact, I’m satisfied with what I deem progress and overall improvement. 5-7 year one, 7-6 year two and 9-4 year three. After a 5-1 tear, the four-loss total wasn’t ideal – but Shannon has the Canes getting better each season. That’s not opinion, it’s fact.

Games that Miami would’ve lost the first two years, it found a way to win year three. A program that mailed it in or folded the tent so often the past two years; it starting showing some grit in both wins and losses this season.

It may not be the timetable many were hoping for. Then again, no one expected to see such a drop off in talent between ’04 and where the Canes are today.

Those quick to play the “Don’t Blame Larry” card- that’ll happen when his last recruit is no longer on board. Until Shannon has a roster full of those signees, Coker’s fingerprints remain on this program and squad.

In an effort to remind the overemotional folk where this all began, take it back to year one. Where did this program stand when Shannon took over? What was inherited talent-wise, putting Miami in the lurch it’s been in the past few seasons?

The ’07 Canes had 21 seniors, 31 juniors, 21 sophomores, 8 redshirt freshmen and 20 true freshmen. The recruiting haul that February was a combination of Coker’s class – which Shannon attempted to save, as well as a few new guys.

Graig Cooper was originally on Miami’s radar, but after a year at Milford Prep, Coop was unsure if the Canes were still a fit for him. Shannon reeled him in, as well as Allen Bailey. Fresh off a trip to Alabama, the Georgia-bred defensive lineman visited Coral Gables a week later and verballed to Shannon just before signing day.

Robert Marve was another one reeled in by Shannon. In the end, a bad call – but was the right call at the time. Marve was committed to Alabama and Texas product Nick Fanuzzi was Miami bound. The quarterbacks flip-flopped, flamed out and wound up transferring instead of working their way up depth charts.

Damien Berry, Jared Campbell, Lee Chambers, Orlando Franklin, Harland Gunn, Leonard Hankerson, JoJo Nicolas, Adewale Ojomo and DeMarcus Van Dyke were other standouts in the ’07 class – some Coker guys, some Shannon guys – and all preparing for their ‘senior’ year this fall, barring redshirts. (JUCO transfer Kayne Farquharson was part of the ’07 class, as well.)

A look across the board and it’s obvious this team was void of superior talent, especially in comparison to 2000-2003. A comparison to 2009 and the upgrade is also impossible to ignore.

Three seasons ago it was Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman at quarterback; a five-star who never panned out and the other, a perennial back-up thrust into the starting role due to a lack of depth.

At running back, sophomore Javarris James was the guy, with Cooper challenging for some snaps. Charlie Jones, demoted to third string, transferred after never panning out. Jerrell Mabry held down fullback.

At wide receiver it was current cornerback Sam Shields and the disappointing Lance Leggett. Senior Darnell Jenkins proved the classic overachiever and had his moments, but a lack of depth had Shannon moving cornerback Ryan Hill to wide out, while junior Khalil Jones rounded out the position.

Some more depth perspective – punter Brian Monroe doubled as a third-string wide out a year prior.

DajLeon Farr and converted fullback Chris Zellner at tight end, with an offensive line comprised of Jason Fox, Andrew Bain, A.J. Trump, Derrick Morse and Reggie Youngblood, another five-star that never panned out. Back ups were Chris Barney, Tyrone Byrd, Matt Pipho, Chris Rutledge and Cyrim Wimbs.

Miami’s defensive line – Eric Moncur, Antonio Dixon, Teraz McCray and Calais Campbell. Back ups were Vegas Franklin, Josh Holmes, Dwayne Hendricks and Courtney Harris.

At linebacker, Colin McCarthy, Darryl Sharpton, and Glenn Cook with Spencer Adkins, Romeo Davis and Tavares Gooden second string.

The oft-banged up Glenn Sharpe returned at cornerback, R. Phillips on the other side with Lovon Ponder and Kenny Phillips holding down safety. Willie Cooper was the lone safety reserve as the position was depleted. Chavez Grant and Bruce Johnson were back up corners. Redshirt freshman Matt Bosher played both placekicker and punter.

Look at those names. Think back to year one. Let it sink in and compare it to today. Can you really brush off any notion of improvement?

This wasn’t a talent-heavy roster, proven by the lack of NFL love. C. Campbell, K. Phillips, T. Gooden and S. Adkins were the lone Canes from that era to get drafted – not quite the twenty first rounders drafted between 2000 and 2004.

Forty Canes reached the NFL overall over that five-year span.

Four have reached the past two seasons.

When you break down the 2007 squad, Shannon wasn’t working with much. 5-7 on the heels of the 7-6 season which got Coker fired; it starts to make sense.

Despite things bottoming out year one, Shannon still brought in the top-ranked class in the nation come February. That crop of talent, thrust into the spotlight year one. Dive in head first and help with the lack of depth.

A far cry from plugging a high school phenom into a well-oiled machine like Southern Cal, Oklahoma and even Florida of late. Miami’s ’08 class was thrown to the wolves like Butch Davis’ ’97 haul. Different circumstances, yet talent-starved and in need of one big class to jump start the process.

How many young quarterbacks were given the burden Harris had on his bony shoulders? Stuck behind an up-and-down offensive line year one and working with a first-year coordinator? Toss in a nagging injury down the stretch, helping account for the 4-3 skid.

The hard-ass, illogical fan screams that Harris needs to ‘toughen up’ or ‘find a way to get it done’. Fact remains, the first-year starter overachieved and the Canes got a hell of a lot of milage out of the sophomore, running him into the ground thanks to spotty line play.

Fix Harris up, put on some man weight and let him get after it again – healthy for that junior season and year two, where the growth will be obvious.

Miami went as far as Harris took them. At times, the Canes looked unstoppable. When out of sync, a lifeless bunch pushed to the brink by seemingly lesser teams. The anti-Shannonites love harping on a handful of collapses, quickly forgetting that when UM was ‘on’, you saw a glimpse of where this team will be in the near future.

Position by positon you’ll see a squad full of hits and misses. Randy first addressed immediate needs, building depth at wide receiver. Year two, offensive line and defensive standouts.

This time next year, an army of new running backs – Storm Johnson, Eduardo Clements, Maurice Hagans and Darion Hall – and five more offensive linemen to help pave the way.

Defensive line has some talent and more coming in. Shannon brought in Dyron Dye, Luther Robinson and Curtis Porter last season, all of which need to make some noise in ’10.

Tavadis Glenn, David Perry and Andrew Tallman will sign in February, adding depth to a position in need of some toughness.

Linebacker has been an issue ’04 and needs to take a huge step forward this season. The surge begins with the line, but linebacker dictates so much – as proven every time a Wisconsin tight end caught a pass and rumbled for another first down. Hurricanes linebackers were oft out of position and with what should be a talent upgrade, Miami is due to experience a step forward.

Sean Spence spent the majority of ’09 banged up, while McCarthy put together another solid season. Sharpton overachieved and made some big plays down the stretch, but a far cry from the Jon Vilma or D.J. Williams era.

Ramon Buchanan had some moments as a true sophomore, while Jordan Futch had a potential breakthrough season cut short by injury. Highly-touted Arthur Brown hasn’t panned out and true freshman Shayon Green missed the year due to injury. Someone in this mix needs to become ‘the guy’.

Miami lost recruit Javarie Johnson earlier (D.C. product choosing to stay close to home), but still has four linebackers on board to sign in February – Travis Williams, Kevin Nelson, Tyrone Cornelius and Kelvin Cain.

The secondary got a shot in the arm the past two years adding Brandon Harris, Ray Ray Armstrong and Vaughn Telemaque. A sophomore, a true freshman and a r-freshman, this position will get better in time. Gone are Shields and Grant, opening the door for someone new to step up. Last year’s Jamal Reid and Brandon McGee or one of the four incoming DBs, it’s up for grabs. Who wants it?

When building a case for 2010, it starts with the Canes returning some seniors – Bailey, Hankerson, McCarthy and Franklin. When you’re on top, you’re losing underclassmen left and right. When in rebuilding mode, guys need one more year and the program needs them.

It’s been a while since Miami had a senior class with some big time players. Randy has preached ‘retention’ since day one and year three it’s finally happening.

The Canes should be much healthier in 2010. Hardly the case this past season. Miami had upwards of a dozen starters sidelined for much of the season. Ojomo was missed on the defensive line. Marcus Forston was gone. Spence was banged up. Futch tore an ACL. Moncur was done. McCarthy and J12 played hurt. Cooper wore down as the year went on. Fox missed the final two games.

Injuries can be absorbed when you have the depth, but when you’re so heavily reliant on underclassmen, it’ll take its toll.

Year three is in the books and while Shannon still has his work cut out, he’s still on track for those who buy into a five-year plan. Close strong on the recruiting front, get this unit in the weight room and come out hard year four.

Get back to that ‘tougher, stronger, better’ mindset this team employed when rebuilding in the late 90s.

Shannon understands Miami’s expectations in a way Johnny Superfan never will.

Played for the Canes, spent years as a grad assistant and position coach, had a short stint with the Dolphins and spent six years as a top-notch defensive coordinator for The U. Owns three three rings and knows the city and it’s culture like the back of his hand.

He also knows the game of football and what it takes to field a proper team. Shannon coached linebackers the first three years of the Butch Davis era. He endured probation, coached with sub par talent / a lack of depth and he saw Davis rebuild the right way. If anyone has the blueprint for how to fix these current problems, it’s Shannon.

Whether he follows it and gets the job done, remains to be seen.

No disrespect, but this program was an absolute joke in ’07 and by ’09 worked its way back into the top ten on two occasions.

Injuries and spotty quarterback play killed Miami down the stretch, but the Canes proved they could hang with the big boys on the big stage, winning the opener at Tallahassee, whooping eventual ACC champion Georgia Tech and taking out eighth-ranked Oklahoma — games Miami wouldn’t have won at any point between ’05 and ’08.

This was a monumental fix from day one, which is why nobody else came running. You have to be “Miami” to endure the beating this fan base will throw at you for half a decade. Shannon is that guy.

Miami is a desirable job – when the Canes are on top. Coker literally inherited the best job in the game back in January ’01. Shannon landed Enron stock in late ’06 – void of talent and heavy on image woes due to a logo stomp, an on-the-field melee and beloved player’s murder.

Does UM want a head coach who keeps the arrest rate down, graduates players and has a father figure-like dynamic with his players? Damn straight. But not at the expense of winning. Both are attainable, as Miami proved with its 2000-2003 run.

Word is recent decommit Javarie Johnson couldn’t crank out better than 820 on his SAT, Miami’s required minimum. Should that prove true, how is his departure not a good thing?

Don’t rip UM for having standards. Criticism belongs on corner-cutting programs who let kids slip through the cracks at their football factories.

Shannon is doing it by the book, he’s steadily getting better and he came running at this job. For that alone, he deserves five years worth of your support. Some of you flippantly suggest cutting bait now and starting over, which prompts me to ask – what’s your plan?

“Fire Randy” is the go-to of so many, but what’s the agenda? No pie in the sky, never in a million years suggestions, who can step in and do better?

There’s never a solution from the anti-Shannon contingent, just the constant complaint.

Shannon is entering year four and busting his ass, tirelessly looking for solutions. He’s also due to sign an extension, so it’s time you accept the fact that Shannon and ‘Hurricanes football’ will be synonymous two more years minimum.

Knowing that and loving this program as you claim to do, can you give the same, tired argument rest already?

As long as he keeps improving, Randy Shannon has earned the right to be ‘the guy’.



16 thoughts on “Miami Hurricanes : Shannon’s Year One Situation

  1. Agree 100%. Shannon is the right guy. We heard a lot of the same criticisms with coach Davis (ie couldn't win the big games) but he was a fantastic recruiter who was brining in the right guys. Then he left, and everyone wanted him back when Coker was let go. Shannon is bringing in the talent let's see what he can do with it.

  2. As far as I'm concerned I can see the improvement from Shannon's first year up until now. To deny the facts (numbers, stats, wins, etc.) is to turn a blind eye to progress. Let's also call a spade a spade; the four years prior to the Shannon administration you had a number of new coordinators at the controls of the offense or defense. I think Wright & Freeman may have had 3 or 4 different offensive coordinators. Is that not a recipe for offensive disaster given the constant change? It appears Whipple will be here for his second year, can you name the last offensive coordinator to spend two consecutive years at the controls? 2009 was a year of growth for a number of the young guys and if injuries are kept at a minimum in 2010, we have a strong shot at a 10+ win season. With some heart, guts, and good providence we can make a serious run.

    It will be interesting to see how Shannon will close the recruiting campaign this year. You may recall the infamous class that Butch Davis brought in where we were ranked 21st by most prognosticators, that was the class that had Portis, Dorsey and a number of guys who now play on Sundays.

    The future is bright. Randy Shannon in my estimation has turned it around and will get us to the national title sooner than later. He has learned some tough lessons along the way. Aside from Jimmy Johnson or Butch Davis, I would have no one else recruit the State of Miami for us.

  3. The fact of the matter, and the reason that you even had to write this article, is that 95% of Hurricane fans are complete idiots. They know absolutely nothing about sports and say idiotic things like "This team has no fire" or place blame on Jacory Harris. They have NO IDEA how to interpret what they see on Saturdays because they know NOTHING about football or what it takes to play football.

    So, for the few that actually know football and know what is going on, this article was completely unnecessary. As for all the idiots, I hope they all jump off a bridge in desperation, so the REAL and knowledgeable fans can enjoy the Hurricanes' rise back to the top in peace.

  4. This post was on point. It's fine to expect the best out of your team. I want The U to compete for National Championships every year. However, if Shannon is fired, who's going to replace him? Start a national search again? You want to have the university scrambling for someone to fill the position? You want recruits to decommit and have a bunch of leftovers? The fans that want to fire Randy don't have a clue as to what to do after firing the guy! It's fine if you don't think the guy is doing a good job. But at least offer a solution. And none of them have offered any solution. No "solution" is going to be better than what we have now. If we fire Shannon, it'll be another several years of rebuilding. This isn't the NFL. You can't get lucky and win a bunch of games as a result of a great draft and free agency. College football is about recruiting and development.

    In my opinion, Shannon is the right guy for this job. I can't wait until he gets the recognition he deserves. When this guy wins, do you think he's going to jump ship to the NFL or another job? I know this is a really early to say, but if Shannon wins a National Championship and the entire fan base finally embraces him, we'll probably see him stay here for the rest of his coaching career, a la Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno. I can't see this guy disowning his university. Randy Shannon is the University of Miami. The guy can relate to any recruit. And he's recruiting the right way. We just have to give him time. Rome wasn't built in one day. We're going to get back. We have a bunch of potential. Just be patient.

    Next year's schedule sets up real nicely for us to make a run. Obviously, this year we had tremendous success early on in the schedule. I think we have the Luckeyes – no, that is not a typo, I spelled it correctly – and Pitt real early and if we can beat them and stay HEALTHY for the rest of the schedule, I don't see why we can't compete for a BCS bowl game.

    One last thing. Injuries are unlucky, in my opinion. For those calling for Swasey to be fired, you should really check yourself. If Swasey was so bad, NFL players like Shockey, Ed Reed, etc. would have no business working with him in the offseason. Anyone can get hurt at any time. You saw how Ojomo got hurt because some scrub wanted to act like Floyd Mayweather. Is that Swasey's fault? Coop got hurt in the bowl game because the field looked like it was patched up with construction paper. Is that Swasey's fault too? It's fine to have high expectations. In fact, I would hope you all would care about our team so much that you want the best for them and out of them each year. But, you have to be reasonable also.

    We're going to get there people. Let's just keep things in perspective.

  5. Needless to say, 2010 is a big year for the whole program, a sersious run at the acc title and a bcs game is needed. With that being said alot will have to go right like staying healthly, getting bigger and stronger on both sides of the line and finding someone to back up Harris.

  6. Great post. I agree with everyone that has posted so far. Gabriel, could've used a little bit more substance. The rest were spot on.

    Most of the complainers care more about their tshirt making them look like a winner, than understanding and cheering for Miami.

  7. Great piece all canes like always. I am very disappointed with the way this program has been and going ,last time i checked Miami is a football school, i am tired of hearing of the graduate rates and how great we have become academically, we are not Stanford or Duke or whatever school out there that matches that cateria, i cheer for the teams at the U not for the success in the classroom grades, i am not trying to bring down the accomplishments the young students have done, we are a football school, we are know for football and winning championships and putting players in the NFL, Mrs Donna shalla has transformed this school into a Stanford type school thank you shalla you have ruined the only team i have every loved, i want to see the old Miami,the ones with real swagger and talent, i don't want to see future doctors. i am on the Shannon boat 2 more years i am with you. GO CANES!!!

  8. I really don't see the reason for you to keep bringing up the past, yeah ur right about what randy took over, but this is about to be 2010 and his 4th year.

    If we come back next year with the same issues we have this year, then we are not improving. Im not calling for Randy's head as i support the guy but save us this constant reminder of how terrible Miami was in 2006.

    GT lost 4 junior players today, Morgan, Burnett, Dwyer and Thomas was already gone. VT loses like 8 players on defense. Pitt loses 12 Redshirt seniors.

    Why don't u talk about these things, these teams are losing key players unlike us. yeah we lose some people on the OL but aren't these the same players u said randy was left with that are so terrible. Im not calling for anyone's head are nothing of that nature but 2010 is time to show me something.

    One more thing, u never mention that we are playing in an average conference where the conference champ is having 4 and 5 losses and haven't played for the NT in 10 years. Im sorry bro but i look at all ur new year blogs and why do they go along the same line of what Randy took over. If you're trying to say we should not expect the team to be near the conference championship then you should just say it because all your blogs are talking down expectations. Im no t- shirt fan as u like to call people but the unreasonable fans are everywhere in the country not just UM and if a coach takes over here, this is what he has to expect. Our fan base is very fair weather and only winning will take them back, that's a fact.

  9. I really don't see the reason for you to keep bringing up the past, yeah ur right about what randy took over, but this is about to be 2010 and his 4th year.

    … the more the idiots infiltrate the message boards, spouting 'fire Shannon' and absolute nonsense about how we should be "back" already – simply because "we're Miami" and they're still hopped up from watching "The U", I'll continue bringing this up and driving it home.

    Most Miami fans are absolutely overemotional and illogical. I'm simply trying to bring logic to the table.

    GT lost 4 junior players today, Morgan, Burnett, Dwyer and Thomas was already gone. VT loses like 8 players on defense. Pitt loses 12 Redshirt seniors.

    Why don't u talk about these things, these teams are losing key players unlike us. yeah we lose some people on the OL but aren't these the same players u said randy was left with that are so terrible. Im not calling for anyone's head are nothing of that nature but 2010 is time to show me something.

    … those teams aren't as void of talent and as spotty depth-wise. GT, VT and even Pitt have been on a better run than Miami the past few years. The process is a bit more seamless.

    Again, look back a few years and Miami was so void of talent at wideout, it was asking a punter to play double-duty. Bet the farm that was never the case at GT, VT and Pitt.

    Since 2005, Miami is 3-7 against GT and VT combined. Both squads seem to lose players every year, but with recruiting not taking a four-year hit, they've been able to replace the talent. The Canes are working their way back to that point.

  10. One more thing, u never mention that we are playing in an average conference where the conference champ is having 4 and 5 losses and haven't played for the NT in 10 years. Im sorry bro but i look at all ur new year blogs and why do they go along the same line of what Randy took over. If you're trying to say we should not expect the team to be near the conference championship then you should just say it because all your blogs are talking down expectations. Im no t- shirt fan as u like to call people but the unreasonable fans are everywhere in the country not just UM and if a coach takes over here, this is what he has to expect.

    I've talked about the ACC being a sub par conference many times. I've also pointed out that Miami happens to be in the 'tougher' division, going up against Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech annually. It's a tougher race in the Coastal than the Atlantic. Even North Carolina is becoming a player.

    As for the national title, Miami played in a title game seven years ago and then Coker derailed the thing with piss-poor recruiting. You tell me not to bring it back up, but again, it's a logical answer to your gripe.

    Recruit like shit for half a decade – after being handed the keys to the best team ever – and there will be a price to be paid.

    The ACC is no juggernaut and Miami lost three games this year – an asskicking at Virginia Tech and then the Clemson and North Carolina losses, where Harris had three pick sixes and seven total interceptions.

    Again, a logic reason for WHY Miami lost those two games. Disappointing, but when you are so reliant on a true sophomore in his first year as starter, you're going to stumble along the way.

    For YEARS I've written here that Miami is as good as their starting quarterback. When Harris thrived this past year, so did UM. When he stumbled, the Canes paid a price.

    I absolutely believe Miami should be in the ACC title hunt in 2010 — and if the offensive line plays up to par, it could happen. That said, if the Canes fall short of that goal everyone wants to run Shannon out of town – which I disagree with.

    GT just won their first ACC title in almost TWO DECADES, yet our fans want a coach fired because he couldn't do it in three years… and will say the same shit next year if he doesn't win it.

    I'm not talking down expectations as much as I'm trying to point out that 'rebuilding' is bigger than wins and losses. There's a process and you need to judge improvement and the project as a whole.

    Miami is getting better under Shannon. That's undeniable. The talent is returning, as is the depth. The Canes played tougher this year, showed more grit and won some close games they'd have lost in the past.

    Look back at the 2001 team and recall when guys like Ed Reed and Mike Rumph (both seniors) were talking about the heartbreaking loss to No. 2 Penn State in '99. Blowing that play and not defnding Chafie Fields — they both said it made them a better player and in time, they worked harder and let the failure fuel them.

    Miami is going to get tagged in the nose here and there, but when these freshmen and sophomores are juniors and seniors, don't underestimate what these growing pains will do for their overall success.

    Give it time. That's all I'm saying. The ACC is a reachable goal in '10, but it's not the be all / end all, like some want to believe.

    I simply don't get how six points and a 9-4 record (instead of 10-3) is the difference between Shannon being a hero and a zero entering the off season. Some are going as far as to imply the recent decommit had to do with the Wisky loss — and not grades or proximity (re: DC born Johnson going to Maryland and staying closer to home.)

    Our fan base is very fair weather and only winning will take them back, that's a fact.

    … well now that's an absolute gimme. We knew that already, right?

  11. Very great piece on how the recruiting has improved. However it looks very, very bad this year. Also you ignored the fact that this team STILL makes the same mistakes it did in year 1 with Shannon. Blown time outs, crazy substitutions, mass confusion on the sidelines, zero sense of urgency when the game is on the line, and players constantly out of position.

    The players have changed, the players have improved. The one thing that is still ver, very bad is the Head Coach and there is no denying it. And I know a lot of people will say "hey hes learning on the job" well thats great but thats not what we need. Miami needs someone who can actually coach, motivate, and recruit year to year. Shannon is very lucky the BTW and MNW classes of 08 are huge Canes fan or else he would already be unemployed.

    Bottom line: Win the ACC, at least show up in a BCS game or find someone else. Problem is the administration seems to be more concerned with being #1 in grades and graduation than the AP or BCS. I'm not saying we should be like UF, FSU, WVU, or LSU and take anyone with a pulse but c'mon. This is getting out of hand!

  12. First off saying i like the posts. Over the years i've looked at what randy's done and its somewhat impressive.We all know what he was left with and how he's so called still building but sometimes i just don't see the fire of the canes.Previously in the past you would see the canes play the game with such passion and fire ready to crack heads by the dozen.Now it's like someone has to motivate them and if anyone has to shannon musst.We're "The U" i don't know if he or anybody tells them this when they get to gables but it's really hurting to not see the same team scratch that program i beg your pardon year by year.I'm tired of friends and others ripping on my squad.I'm a loyal fan and will stay loyal,die a cane;but let's get serious we've got to see something happen next year.Last year i wasn't expecting THAT much we were still young and Jacory was a first year starter,and the recievers along w some defensive players B.Harris, and Von Telemaque and Ray Ray who i love because he has the swag and emotion THAT IS A HURRICANE.Example against Oklahoma where he pummled DeMarco Murrey.At that time i flew out my seat and spilled everything i had in my cup on myself.We need that back the swag if you will, but most of all we need TRUE canes.

  13. I know back in the day when 1600 was a perfect score on the SAT we use to joke around that you were given 400 points just for putting your name on the answer sheet. Now they add a new section to the test and I believe the perfect score is now 2400. I think if you can only get an 820 on the test and they are still giving you 400 points, there might be a little too much air or dense material between the ears. Let's face it, you still need some kind of intelligence to play football what with the blocking and coverage schemes you have to learnn to get onto the field without embarassing yourself. A coach can try and teach you what you need to know but if it has nowhere to sink in you end up like Arthur Brown.

  14. Just wanted to post somewhere that the Pete Carroll/Lane Kiffin musical chairs going on puts the Canes coaching situation in valuable perspective for me. I'm happy that we have a coach who loves the Hurricanes as much if not more than any of us fans. These mercenary big-name coaches walk through the door talking about the tradition of the program and how honored they are to be there and then they're gone without warning or remorse. Say what you will about Randy Shannon, but he would never do that.

  15. I agree completely. i was a bit skeptical at first when we hired Shannon, but when i saw that his first move was to clean up the program, i knew it was a right choice. he cam in and put his foot down. He wasnt going to take any 'thugish" actions from his team. and it proved to work. We were always in the news from '05 to the time Shannon got there.And it wasnt good news. it was about us getting arrested, in fights, (on and off the field). and of course the death of Bryan Pata. RIP PATA!. but back to the point he came in there and set his rules and said his rules or the highway. and look where tht got us. havent any arrests unless you count Marve, which no one does at Miami. and now he has the program on the upswing and were doin great. Yall gotta realize you gotta give a new coach at least 4 or 5 years to get his players in there. Shannon has his players in there and we have talent. We were just so young it showed. Jacory did fine, he loves Mark Whipple and his system. Whens the last time a U quarterback loved the system, um.. Dorsey and looked what that got us. Jacory woulve been fine but the o-line didnt give him the time the young qb needed and he rushed throws and threw pics because of that. Hopefully he'll see the mistakes and learn to throw the ball away instead of force things. plus Shannon has us in the top 25, havent been there since '06. and well be in te preseason top 25 this year. an improvement from last year. so all you Anti-Shannon haters, suck it up and just face it Shannon is our guy and best of all hes the RIGHT GUY FOR THE U.

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