Canes Smack-Up Buckeyes … Finally

Ohio State went home with the “L” and while Saturday night’s game won’t win any beauty contests, the Miami Hurricanes emerged victorious, 24-6. Full recap coming late Sunday here at More film to break down and celebrating to do. – C.B.



34 thoughts on “Canes Smack-Up Buckeyes … Finally

    1. … and OSU got lucky that a Walford touchdown got called back. You could play that game all day long. Dude should’ve caught the ball and he choked. Harris shouldn’t have thrown it there and he did. Move on.

      Final was 24-6, not 17-16. 184 yards on the ground and OSU’s quarterbacks were 4-of-18. Miami’s defense and ground game dominated and Harris was far from perfect, but had some great plays, too.

      If you’re gonna trash the *almost* pick six, than give credit to the third down completion to Streeter on the final drive, or the scramble on the previous 3rd and 1 where he tucked and ran instead of forcing to Ford in traffic.

      1. Good game for us overall, and I’ll agree to acknowledge some of j12’s good decisions (like running for a couple key first downs), but I actually think that throw to Streeter was an awful one. Sure it turned out all right, but Harris got lucky (again) because Streeter was doubled on that one.

        Interestingly, I think these near disasters probably only encourage Jacory’s tunnel vision. He thinks he can get away with it, cause half the time, he does. That throw to TB (dropped pick-6) was TRIPLE covered with a wide open Chase Ford running a corner route just behind. The LB jumped to TB, leaving Ford open, which should cue J12 to hit Ford. He seems incapable of making these reads, even now. Fortunately, he had Miller and a solid D to fall on.

        I think we won this game in spite of Harris, and honestly, I cringed every time he stepped back to throw. He didn’t make any throws Morris couldn’t have made, and there were several ‘operations’ gaffes despite his greater experience (busted plays, bad formations).
        If improvement means identifying one’s weaknesses and fixing them, I say Harris’s decision making is one of them. And I’m not sure it can be fixed.

      2. or the nine mintue game killing drive that broke their back so bad they didnt even call a timeout, they just wanted to leave….like the little bitches they are….hell half of them left the bar at halftime and were clapping for first downs….lol.

      3. Credit for plays that is expected from a D1 quarterback? If we want to get to the next level those aren’t great plays they should be rutine. If Harris continues to be that late in his reads, he will eclipse his interception total from last year. Overall, it was great win for Golden and his staff and every Canes’ fan should be very excited about the future.

      4. Yeah…the pass to Streeter was pretty special….it helped that he was 6’5 obviously. I think j12’s problems are mental….the score could have been 31-6 or 38-6 easily. I keep asking myself….where is the J12 that threw the football against FSU 2 years ago on opening night??

        1. That Jacory was going up against statistically one of the worst defenses in the nation in FSU circa ’09. Mickey Andrews’ last year, dinosaur coverages, primarily man coverage with that odd wrinkle he threw in with one down lineman and everyone else standing up..

          What Jacory did against FSU in ’09 wasn’t special. FSU scored 45 points in Doak and still found a way to lose to Georgia Tech that year.

    2. I find it amazing that “Fans” are trashing Harris. This game was amazing, harris showed why he got the QB job. No QB is ever perfect, and he made really really good decisions during the game. Only one Pick was his fault, when he took too long to throw the ball. The other was the receivers fault where he ran the wrong route. All in all OSU had 0 touchdowns, and thats a huge win for this team. Dont start criticizing and killing the momentum this team gains with this win.

      1. Dude, I hear you, and you’re right–every QB makes mistakes in every game. The problem is that J12 hasn’t really matured or developed. He’s not making x% of spectacular plays that eclipse his performance as an underclassman. He’s the same guy that competed against Marve. I’d forgive the mistakes if he was actually better than he was two years ago.

          1. Wow. I’ve never heard j12 compared favorably to D13. That’s freaking hilarious.
            Numbers don’t tell the whole story. J12 is top-3 all-time in many categories at the U, and that’s great. But would you take him over Kosar, Testaverde, or Walsh, etc?
            If j12’s INTs were all batted balls, or his decision making more sound, there wouldn’t be any QB controversy. But there is. The fact that it’s a weekly conversation says it all.
            Let’s be clear, it’s not just the INTs. It’s the decision making, even on the throws he gets away with.

  1. Okay guys~! Listen up~! When was the last time you say theOhio$tateUniv not score a TD?


    Great win for the CANES.

    Also, did you see the Clemson Game? Or did you see EJ get hurt? Seems to mee we’ll know a ton more about our season next week when the Noles meet Clemson.

    Go CANES []_[]~!~!~!

  2. Chris – look forward to your thoughts! Defense played better, but gave up too many rushing yards. Having Spence back was huge overall. QB play was up and down, but I thought the receivers played well. Special teams was good and the running game outstanding.

    Go Canes!

  3. Admin you make some good points! However, Jacory
    will lose some us some games IF he keeps trowing late and into
    traffic. That is all I am saying. I am rewatching game on espn u.
    Go canes!!!

  4. GREAT coaching job on all fronts. It’s only the 2nd game of the season and I believe we’re watching the evolvement of a special group of coaches bringing out the best in our athletes. Jacory came out and led the team to victory. He’s not perfect, but he’s a winner that will only improve under the tutelage of Jedd and Al. and did I say congrats to ART KEHOE! NO SACKS! 240 yards rushing against OSU! Great win…now on to the Brown Bros…beat Kansas State!

  5. I swung by last year after we won, so I felt obliged to come by and offer my congratulations since this year you won. You guys played a very good game. Your pass defense was very good and our passing not so much. We did have some success running at your speed, but our inconsistent/non-existent QB play. lack of experienced recievers and good DB play had us unbalanced.

    You guys on the other hand did a nice job of balancing your offense. Harris made mistakes but we couldn’t capitalize on them and you didn’t have the more flukey turnovers you had up here in Columbus. The defender chasing down our Miller and punching the ball out reminded me of Clarett stealing the ball back after the interception in the MNC game. Your final drive was both impressive and soul crushing.

    Again, congratulations and good luck with the rest of your season.

  6. A True fans talking TRUE Football.
    When you comment on the defense looking good please specify that praise to the LB’s and the secondary. All the sacks we had were because the secondary locked down the field and the non-mobile quarterback had no where to go. We still have to get pressure on the qb with a 4 man front…lets go DL’s.
    Lamar is a beast, but soon teams are going load up the box to stop it. Please note that all of his stats came in the 1st quarter, when there was a threat that J12 could beat us with his arm. After the interception the playbook shrunk and so did the running lanes. I also hoped Mike James took notes on how Miller protected the ball in the final drives.
    With that said, yes J12 threw 2 touchdowns! But he hasn’t cut down on the mistakes. The offensive line gave him excellent protection (kudos to the entire crew), the coaches moved the pocket for him to gain extra time, but we still seen the lollipop floaters and him missing wide open tight ends. breaking down the interceptions….WHERE IS LARON BYRD!!! HE CANNOT let the defender just step in front of the ball and intercept it (watch the tape). This was actually a jump ball situation a la “catch the ball at its highest point”..C’MON senior.
    Also am i the only that noticed the canes had 5 downs during one possession in the third quarter???
    Again before you try to respond saying that im not a true fans and that a W is a W, every game is supposed to be a W with the players we have and playing with home field adv!

  7. I do have to say, I was around Ohio fans both before the game and during the game and they by far showed the best class. I will forever going forward have respect you guys (not the team) and look forward to playing you guys again.

  8. seriously guys we won. J12 played well. It was the first game under a new coach and system. Yes he tried to use the check off maybe too much but he was tryin to be careful. I think as the season rolls on he will get better and better. He just have to believe in each throw. Make them on time which comes with timing and practice and he’ll do that. I’ll agree with anyone who says we can’t turn the ball over like that and yes if he takes a turn for the worse then golden better pull the morris trigger or atleast open the competition back up. J12 will cut down on mistakes and we’ll be fine. Now lets get ready for kstate and i hope the stadium is full for that game as well. No more empty houses this year canes fans. Get your butts to the games.

  9. I have never posted on a sports message board, but i feel compelled this time. I have been reading comments on cane-boards for about two years and have paid special attention through the beginning of this season. I have to say i am fairly surprised that no one has talked about how atrocious were the buckeye QB’s and Receivers. There was a reason they only completed 4 passes and it wasn’t the Cane’s D alone. Neither QB could hit the broad side of the Berlin wall. And when they did miraculously throw the ball within range of a receiver it was almost always dropped. Everyone seems quick to say the cane’s D held the buckeyes, but from my perspective if OSU had anything remotely like a respectable QB Miami would have lost bad.

    Once they realized both QB’s stunk, they were able to focus on stopping the run only, which thankfully they did clamp down on in the second half in comparison to the first. And i am aware that OSU QB’s didn’t stink it up in a vacuum, and miami’s D did have an effect on their play. But i saw very little pressure on the QB’s, i saw open receivers and i saw terrible terrible terrible passing by OSU QB’s. I fear that the OSU victory was not a handy measuring stick. We still don’t know much about this miami team.

    I can also understand the back and forth arguments over Jacory. I have given that kid all the good faith i can. But i think he is another Tony Romo, in pressure situations he folds miserably. By my count he threw 5 passes that could/should have been picked, two of the were. He blew the fourth down, he had procedure errors of his own and he seemed to grow worse as the game wore on. I am sure that is because he felt the pressure of the interceptions and the fourth down build and build. Overall, i am not satisfied that Jacory is the answer for the team. I believe we are unlikely to finish this year contending for any honors, so it would be best to get morris as much experience as possible so that the future will be brighter.

    I am happy they won and proud of their effort, but all i could think as i watched Jacory fold and the D struggle to stop an offense with atrocious QB play was: “if this is what it feels like to beat OSU, i dont want to know how it feels to lose to them again.”

    1. Once the coaches saw ho bad the QBs were, I dont believe they blitzed often and instead stayed home to stop the run, therefore the limited pressures you mention.

  10. JOROBOJO will probably get skewered by fans desperate for optimism. But there is a lot of truth there. OSU is terrible this year. There is no doubt the canes are much better with Spence & Benjamin, and more D line help. And Miller is an absolute stud. But once teams start putting 8 in the box and forcing Jak to throw… oh the humanity, it’s gonna be ugly.

    1. … once teams start putting eight in the box, Harris will have man coverage on his receivers. Let the o-line do their job, the running backs theirs and we’ll see what Harris can do with man on guys like Hurns, Streeter and Benjamim because we start all this “oh the humanity” nonsense. It was the kid’s first game in nine months. Let’s give it a few games before we start freaking out.

      1. Your acting like those were the first 2 picks of J12’s career. Its more of the same from a familiar problem. Morris had 2 picks, one was to end the game and the other was him forcing the ball in tight window.
        J12 throw with a perfect touch on both TD’s. That last drive had potential for blowing the game up. Bottom line is its better to be lucky than good sometimes.

        1. Eric – Re-read what I wrote:

          At quarterback Harris certainly didn’t resume his “J12″ status of early 2009 in his first start of the season. That said, he was also a far cry from the broken junior he was the last time he took the field; a 4-of-7 performance against Notre Dame in the Sun Bowl, where his three “incompletions” were interceptions.

          One game into 2011, Harris didn’t win the game nor did he lose it for Miami. Many will harp on the two early interceptions, but choose to do so without praising the two touchdowns or other clutch plays throughout the game that propelled the Canes to victory – especially that final fourth quarter drive, chewing up the majority of the fourth quarter and kept alive a few times by Harris’ legs or arm.

          Like all fans, I’m very well away he threw career interceptions #40 and #41 the other night. Nowhere in the piece did I “act” like those picks were new and unfamiliar.

          Yes, it’s better to be lucky than good — but that’s also implying Harris isn’t good. He does some good things and some boneheaded things. He is not proving to be the ‘great’ quarterback Miami fans wanted, but he’s the guy the coaches believe in (for now), so that should be supported as everything Golden and staff have done the past nine months have been on the up.

    1. He says that the day after the game, yet the day before the game he picks Miami to win. ESPN is a Joke, onlything good on there is the games.

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