Four out the door; Golden Era in full force

It’s official; four Miami Hurricanes are leaving the program. Jamal Reid, Travis Williams, Kevin Nelson and Devont’a Davis, we hardly knew ye.

Reid redshirted as a freshman in 2009 while Williams, Nelson and Davis were inked in the eleventh-ranked class of 2010. None of the four have suited up for the Canes, though all might’ve seen action this year as both cornerback and linebacker lack depth.

Reid and Williams went virtually unnoticed during their time at Miami, while Nelson was most known for some colorful comments regarding his hometown Gators as both he and Davis were products of Gainesville High who wound up in South Florida. A lot of big talk that sadly won’t get a chance to be backed up.

While you hate to see kids leaving the program, in this case one must take a step back and realize that things happen for a reason. In this case, you assume that players and the new coaching staff weren’t seeing eye-to-eye and instead of wasting anybody’s time, Al Golden delivered the message that these four might want to find somewhere else to wrap up their collegiate careers.

Chemistry is everything when a new coaching staff takes over, it’s looking to flush out guys who don’t get “it”, bad seeds or players who simply don’t fit. Fans will probably never know why Golden and staff felt the need to sever ties with these four Canes, but if you buy into the new coach’s “core values” and blueprint, you trust that the right decision was made and move forward.

In simplest terms, guys need to buy in and those who aren’t on board need to get out.

Reid, Williams, Nelson and Davis were signed by former Miami coach Randy Shannon and while most former ‘Shannonites’ bought into the new regime — including a handful of Northwestern Bulls and other seniors from the top-ranked class of 2008 — there was eventually going to be some fallout regarding those who weren’t Golden material.

No way the Canes went into fall with this roster completely in tact. With a brand new staff, there was bound to be some collateral damage.

A fan and columnist of “the best 10-4 team in college football history” has chimed in on UM’s 2010 recruiting class and these recent departures and is patting himself on the back for his prediction that this entire bunch is a failure.

A bit presumptuous considering 21 of 30 kids remain and have three to four years of eligibility left to prove themselves. Then again, what can you really expect from a biased Seminole who chose to describe five-star talent and last year’s top recruit – Seantrel Henderson – as nothing more than “suspended, talented, possible transfer”.

One would assume had No. 77 chosen garnet and gold over orange and green last year, folks in Tallahassee would be working on erecting a statue in the big man’s honor – or at minimum a tribute page, like they’ve done for their opinionated columnist. Being that Henderson is a Cane, the lone adjective mustered up was “talented”, even though he’s drawn comparisons to NFL veteran and former UM left tackle Bryant McKinnie. Classic FSU spin job.

While there are some glaring weaknesses regarding Miami’s 2010 class, it’s too soon to deem the entire group a complete and utter failure.

One thing not up for debate, though; the fact that the Canes will be better under Golden than they were under Shannon. Even the biased folk in the Florida Panhandle can’t argue with that and as far as Miami football is concerned, if a lesser class last year helped seal Shannon’s fate, opening the door for a coach of Golden’s caliber, than so be it.

Miami faded down the stretch last season, losing four of its final six games. Even worse, the fact that only six verbal commitments were on board in December and no recruiting trips were set by Shannon in the month of January.

When Golden took the reigns early December, four verbals remained — one of which was Anthony Chickillo, who needed to be resold on the program and quickly bought into both Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio.

Golden and staff dove in, set up over forty visits for January and by Signing Day inked sixteen total Canes, swaying eight kids who had previously verballed to other programs.

While the Canes lost two linebackers (Nelson, Williams) and two defensive backs (Reid, Davis) with the recent transfers, needs were addressed in February as two corners and four linebackers were signed.

Thomas Finnie was a South Carolina commit who jumped on board with the hometown program once finally sitting down with Golden. (Shannon and staff didn’t offer the corner out of Miami Central.) Finnie stole the show this spring and should see significant playing time this fall.

Denzel Perryman was another local product (Coral Gables) who was looking at big programs like Florida, Southern Cal, Oregon, Notre Dame and Florida State, but was sold on Golden and wanted to the follow the path of fellow Cavalier and legendary Cane linebacker Jon Vilma.

Shannon lost ground in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County the past few years and didn’t land a top 25 homegrown product last season. After his late November firing, local high school coaches spoke out regarding Shannon and his staff dropping the ball and driving a wedge between their programs and the University of Miami.

Fast forward to February, the evening after Letters Of Intent were signed, Golden met with almost a hundred coaches in Miami-Dade County; a function referred to as the “Golden Greet”. The next week Palm Beach County coaches were invited south and days later Broward County coaches got their face time with Al and to date, fences continue to be mended.

Golden already has eight verbal commitment for the 2012 class; three four-stars, for the star whores out there. Two quarterbacks are on board — Gary Crow and two-sport star David Thompson, out of Westminster Christian — as well as two new quarterbacks who are transferring in; Michigan’s Tate Forcier and Memphis’ Ryan Williams.

Not only has Golden addressed arguably the weakest link position-wise since Ken Dorsey left town, he’s also building depth and promoting competition at the place once known as Quarterback U; something that all great Miami coaches before him have done.

The days of underachieving, not developing players, missing out on homegrown Miami-style kids and losing the local recruiting battle to other in-state programs is over.

With all the noise of of Tallahassee and the hardware given to players for second place in the ACC, it’s easy to forget the Seminoles were only two games better than the Canes last season. Still, even at 7-6 under Randy, Miami just sent eight players to the NFL weeks back. Florida State and Florida had seven combined.

Regarding Golden’s Owls; two draft picks – a first-rounder and early second-rounder – making for a grand total of eight Temple players sent to the NFL over a five-year span. If that’s what Golden could do in Philadelphia, no doubt he’ll find success in Coral Gables, surrounded by the nation’s most fertile recruiting grounds.

Sports Illustrated recently graded out the new coaching hires and Golden earned a “B” – with the lone ‘knock’ coming in the form of big-name Miami reeling in a smaller-name coach. That said, SI stated that “Golden has the makings of a potential star” and called the job he did at Temple “nothing short of miraculous” as the Owls were “an abomination, both on the field and off, upon his arrival”.

For those who want to wear our their arm patting themselves on the back for predicting that the 2010 class wasn’t a success, have at it. Fact remains, the guy who inked that class is long gone and the one currently in charge will not only get the most out of those who remain; he’ll also make sure a class of that caliber never happens again on his watch.

To Reid, Williams, Nelson and Davis, all the best of your future endeavors. To rivals of the Canes, enjoy the run your programs had while Shannon was in control because those days are finally in the rearview and The Golden Era is officially underway.



44 thoughts on “Four out the door; Golden Era in full force

  1. Great piece, AllCanes.

    I saw that article on Tomhawk Nation and got a good laugh out of it. The writer seemed to take himself rather seriously and did all he could to pour it on.

    Had to laugh at the cheap shots he took about Jeffery Brown as well as discipline issues at Miami. Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

    A few days after his piece, former Seminoles linebacker Maurice Harris was arrested for sexual assault and threatened to kill himself.,0,5973922.story

    And let us not forget that this is a Florida State program who was notorious for kids running stairs for offense that would've gotten them kicked off Randy Shannon's or Al Golden's team.

    Anyone want to talk about Ernie Sims beating up his girlfriend or A.J. Nicholson getting a DUI and then both starting the season opener against Miami in 2005?

    I'm surprised that Seantrel was the only profile you discussed as you could've done a whole article on his assessment of Miami's '10 recruiting class. He called Darion Hall a WASTED SCHOLARSHIP, said Chase Ford was NOTHING SPECIAL, that Shane McDermott COULD BE GOOD, that Jimmy Gaines COULD BE DECENT and didn't say anything more about the talented Eduardo Clements other than MOVED TO CORNER.

    Funny how Florida State continues to have Miami envy. For years I actually respected their program, but they haven't done anything meaningful in a decade so a 10-4 season now gets them CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS and has them as arrogant as Florida after winning two national championships in three years?

    The Noles are a bunch of hicks and this guy is absolutely delusional. Way to bring some perspective.

    R. Andrews
    Ft. Myers, FL

  2. Hadn't seen that Tomahawk Nation piece until you linked to it. Wow. That Bud Elliott sure thinks his shit don't stink. I'm amazed he's a Seminoles fan. He has the true arrogance of a lifetime Gator.

    His assessment of last year's recruiting class was completely unprofessional and even though it's a Noles site, was beyond biased.

    Never ceases to amaze. FSU fans remain petrified of UM returning to any form of glory.

    Bud can talk all the smack he wants, but deep down he knows that Al Golden is the real deal and has already started fixing things at THE U.


  4. Absolutely scary how FSU faithful treat this Bud character like he's some sort of cult figure. Hopefully he doesn't have any garnet Kool-Aid to pass around.

    He's a decent writer, but damn he is as biased as they come.

  5. Damn. That FSU piece officially made me hate the Holes more than the Gayturds. Never thought that was possible, but without Urban and Tim-may, it now is.

  6. Oh boy, those folks at couldn't post on this article fast enough. What was that someone was saying about "Cane envy"? They're obsessed with The U. Just a reminder, Semiholes, it's still 5 to 2 for those counting and will forever be 0 and 2 for a bar-b-que for Mike Martin!

  7. They actually don't like him all that much over there because he tries to keep FSU expectations in check, saying they are at least a year away from winning the national title, and not picking them to win the ACC last year.

    It just sucks for us that he went out on a limb on the Miami 2010 class issue… and was dead on. We'll hear about it for 3-4 more years.

  8. This write up trivializes two games like it's of no consequence and acts as if the bowl game does not exist. Miami was a 7 win team, FSU was a 10 win team and FSU slaughtered UM on the road head to head. Incredibly slanted bias here. Bud Elliot may take particular pleasure in seeing UM suffer, but he's far from an FSU homer. Lot's of fans have a huge problem with the way he talks about our own players/recruits and especially the way he speaks of Coach Bowden's final years at FSU. You may not like what he has to say, but it's always based in truth. You're delusional if you can't acknowledge that UM has tremendous challenges on their hands for the next couple of years.

  9. Wow, shocking amount of butthurt in that article. The canes haven't even played for an ACC title and you're ripping FSU for it? Going head to head with Golden is really killing our recruiting though, only two 5 stars and five 4 stars so far plus the nations #1 kicker. Otherwise though, the Golden area is running us into the ground.

  10. There's nothing I can't stand more than FSU.

    However, the piece on the 2010 class isn't at all out of line.

  11. Has Miami even won the ACC? Maybe you should go back to the BE where you can compete. It was great watching all 5k of your fans walk out of your rented stadium midway through the game as we pounded you like a scout team. 45-17

  12. Lots of crying from some canes in this blog. Love the taste of your tears you scUM fans. See ya next year in Doak for another re-run of last year. 45-17 losers.

  13. The Noles will always be subpar. So they win a few. Hell, Washington won a few over USC. Shit happens, and the Noles have a program in "South Alabama" that can't match up to all the pieces of Miami.

    Rather worry about spanking Notre Dame in 2012 than any "smack talk" that FSU can come up with. That's what's important.

  14. It is not surprising the Noles are terrified of The U's return. Wouldn't you be? Deep down inside they know that their entire claim to fame and reason for any success was because the LOSS to Miami by only a couple points EVERY year, while others got crushed. Ole Bobby got famous for "Playing Miami" not beating us. I have nothing but fond memerious of the War chant in my ears as the Noles lined up to attempt a fieldgoal after blowing another big lead.

  15. See ya next year in Doak for another re-run of last year. 45-17 losers.

    No Christian Ponder, no Randy Shannon and no John Lovett calling the defense – in a series that's generally defined by the final drive and a few points – but yes, completely logical assessment that the Noles will roll by four touchdowns with EJ Manuel under center.

    See you in November.

  16. i just wish canes fans would stop lying to themselves and their bloggers get real. spreading these lies of a bright future makes you look even worse. every great program has had to regroup at some point in time and the first step is acceptance. once you get past it, then you can rebuild and win again. this will never happen in miami bc you guys think you are still worth something on the college landscape. 2011 is the last chance to compete for anything before years a struggles. you guys no it, but you deny it.

  17. It's not that Bud Elliott was completely out of line, but anyone who starts a piece with the sentence, "I predicted the failure of Miami's enormous and awful 2010 class" is showing the world he's a douche.

    I don't agree with everything AllCanes said here, but do agree that it's way too early to call this class a failure. These kids are entering their sophomore season and some redshirted last year.

    Just looking at that list, everyone knows Seantrel Henderson is a stud. So is Storm Johnson, who Elliott dismissed as "suspended".

    Coaches seem to like Allen Hurns, who will have a chance to step up at receiver the next few years and they also like Asante Cleveland and Clive Walford at tight end.

    Chase Ford was a JUCO, so we'll see what he can do this year and I think anyone who watched Stephen Morris last year would call him more than "potentially good". I would love to hear how Bud compares Morris and E.J. Manuel.

    And please, what's with the cheap shot? He listed Tavadis Glenn as a "rumored gang member". The same Glenn who Florida State was recruiting, as if FSU is made up of nothing but choir boys?

    "The 'Canes are stuck with these scrubs for the next four years unless they elect to transfer or go on a crime spree."

    Save idiotic comments like this if your program is squeaky clean, but Florida State has made their share of embarrassing headlines for all the wrong reasons over the years.

    You know the old saying, "those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, or sleep with their sisters, or take for granted the fact they own a double wide."

    Not an awful piece by Bud, but way too snarky and self-gratifying.

  18. The 2010 class didn't even crack the top ten rankings wise and to Mr. Elliott's point, was a large class. Miami could afford some duds and if the 21 kids remaining have good careers, the class can't be considered a failure. Especially after one year. That is very presumptuous.

    Golden had his reasons for asking these four to leave and while some want to focus on what was lost, all I see are four scholarship openings for guys that will be Golden's type of guys and guys who want to compete.

  19. I have no problem with the facts of the nole article although he originally had them wrong and later changed them when a Canes fan pointed it out. Him projecting what a player or team will do down the road is laughable. The problem I have is the length he goes to put this stuff out about another team. It's like he has to validate to himself that the noles are better. I guess when another team crushes your dreams as much as Miami has the noles it helps him cope.

  20. To the anonymous Noles fan above, I am also a FSU alum and have read Bud's work for years. While he is sometimes spot on and bases things on truth, he tends
    to go off the rails more often than not. Saying he oversensationalizes things is a gross understatement.

    I hadn't see the piece posted above, where he took shots at the hiring of Al Golden. Awful article.

    I loathe UM as much as anyone, but I'll be the first to admit that Golden is a good coach and this was a better long term hire for Miami than Jon Gruden would have been.

    Look what Golden did at Temple with no resources. That program was the bottom of the college football barrel and he got them to a bowl game for the first time in decades. That is no small feat. As this article stated, he also sent a few kids to the NFL, which is saying a lot.

    Golden still has a lot to prove, but for Bud Elliott to dismiss the hire, that's just crazy.

    I'm 52 years old, grew up in Palm Beach county, graduated from FSU in 1982 and know both these programs like the back of my hand.

    I remember other Noles fans thinking the Jimmy Johnson hire was a bad one and feeling Miami made a mistake passing over Gary Stevens, but I told them back then that Johnson was a good one. Golden seems to have a lot of the same traits as ol' Pork Faced Satan, as much as it pains me to say.

    Every good coach has to get a start somewhere and Golden cut his teeth with the Owls. He was due to make that jump to the next level and I think he will eventually do a good job at UM. It might be a rocky start, but next year's class will set the foundation for what could be a pretty good run for the Canes.

  21. Be realistic. All this talk of fear of UM's return shows half of you have no idea what you're talking about. UM and FSU are single teams in a bigger picture. Forget the ACC, it's about the NC. Right now, the team with the best chance is FSU. Can the Canes pass them? You bet your a** they could. However, all the talk of recruiting and how Jimbo will cower to Golden, take a look at the players. Jimbo is looking in Georgia, Bama, etc. Golden wants NorthEast talent. These guys might meet on some SoFla guys, BUT these kids usually have their mind made up on FSU vs UM before that even happens.

    Throw your fandom out the window. Try and be a little realistic. Calling FSU a subpar program is asinine. Calling the ACC mediocre only downgrades UM. Last year's game was an anomaly and it will be closer, it always is. the 2010 class was a disaster, FSU had years of disasters. Doesn't take away from the present and where they stand. They are the top of the ACC and will remain there till Golden gets this team up and running. Think 2012 is more competitive.

    and the scUM, Gayturds, crap is so ridiculous. Grow up, the lot of you.


  22. You guys all sound like a bunch of crying little babies right now. Deal with the fact that you're '10 class has not lived up to the hype. Not to say that you can't find a diamond in the rough but when the majority of you're class is either suspended or scrubs that says a lot about the class as a whole. I'm sure Golden will do a better job than Shannon and I sure hope so to bring back the reputation the state of Florida deserves. However don't go out on a limb and say that he will be a better coach or recruiter than Fisher at FSU, that's just plain dumb (talking to you whoever wrote this article).

  23. Deal with the fact that you're '10 class has not lived up to the hype. Not to say that you can't find a diamond in the rough but when the majority of you're class is either suspended or scrubs that says a lot about the class as a whole.

    Appreciate the comments, but still disagree.

    You say the class hasn't "lived up to the hype", but again – this class was ranked 11th (actually 13th until Henderson came on board). No one had it top five.

    Furthermore, how can it "live up to the hype" one year in, when most kids redshirted last year? It's absolutely idiotic to deem a class a success or a failure after one season. Period.

    This class may wind up a colossal failure, but again, how can that be determined now? Bud Elliott should've saved his thoughts for 2013.

    Lastly, looking at that list, the kids who should turn out good: Seantrel Henderson, Storm Johnson, Eduardo Clements, Brandon Linder, Malcolm Bunche, Allen Hurns, Tyrone Cornelius, Keion Payne, Stephen Morris, Shane McDermott, Jermaine Barton, Jimmy Gaines, Kelvin Cain and Asante Cleveland.

    If those fourteen turn out solid — after four were dismissed after a coaching change and others didn't make the cut — is the class really a failure?

    … and to your point about Golden being a better recruiter than Jimbo Fisher, again, where was that ever stated? You need to check your comprehension, brother.

    The only thing implied was the fact that Fisher won't have the opportunity to clean house in South Florida as he would've if Shannon were still at the helm. Golden is mending fences in the TriCounty area and that in itself will mean less kids get out of South Florida, winding up in Tallahassee or Gainesville.

    That's not an opinion — nor is it an indictment on Fisher. It's simply fact. When Miami has a head coach who has good relationships with local high school coaches, more local kids stay home.

  24. The Noles are experts on highly ranked classes that don't live up to expectations, so maybe they know what they are talking about!

  25. On another note… who do you guys think will start the year at QB? I have never seen Morris play so I cant compare him to a very average (at best) qb in Jacory. Who has the edge? and do you think that person will be starting at the end of the year also?

  26. FSU received BOWL rings for winning their BOWL GAME.

    Has Al golden coached one game as a coach of a top 25 team?

  27. I suppose if I was unemployed and still lived with my parents, I too, could be one big time loser that has nothing better to do than post stupid ass comments on other schools blogs.






  29. What a shocker. Florida State's done nothing in a decade, has one 10 win season and now one year under Jimbo Fisher, their fans are already talking about them as being some dominant force.

    A heads up that Miami went 9-4 in 2009 and beat a better Oklahoma team than the one who schooled you 47-17 last year. Y'all also lost to a depleted North Carolina team and choked against an nothing NC State team. Virginia Tech was another common opponent.

    The Hokies beat the Canes by 14 and beat the Noles by 11. Miami gave up 31 points, Florida State gave up 44.

    FSU worked UM good last year. No debating that. But let's not act like that's the norm in this series and like AllCanes wrote above, you're doing it next year without Ponder and Miami comes to town mid-November and ten games into Al Golden's first year, having already been battle tested and playing Ohio State, Kansas State, VT, North Carolina and Georgia Tech.

  30. Ok first off I will premise this by saying that I am a Nole. However most of you are overlooking one of the main reasons why this class can already be qualified as a "bust." That reason is depth. When you take a huge class of 30 kids you are taking them as the foundation of your team for the next 3-4 years, because to take that many kids means that you are a pretty thin team depth wise(unless your team is oversigning and planning to cut player, which is a seperate issue). This is because that is a huge number of scholarships for on class, so the players in that class will have to make up a large part of the depth chart. Now I dont think that it is off base to qualify the CLASS as a "bust" because 1/3 of the class is gone from the university after one year. That means that the class that had to be a huge part of the foundation and the overall depth of the team cannot possibly live up to that simply because it cannot provide the depth needed to win at a major level.

    Also this talk of Noles being terrified of the return of Miami is just completely off base. Talk like this screams blind homerism. I do not want to offend but Miami's program is a complete mess. The fan base and the facilities will have to improve tremendously for Miami to reach the level that FSU currently is. I do not see how even the biggest Miami homer could not say that FSU is miles ahead of Miami right now. That truly is not even debatable. So no, no FSU fan that I know is afraid of the return of Miami. Many actually think it would be a good thing because it would help the acc as a whole. But I truly think it is going to take major work in the program for Miami to return to national prominence.

  31. Also this talk of Noles being terrified of the return of Miami is just completely off base. Talk like this screams blind homerism. I do not want to offend but Miami's program is a complete mess. The fan base and the facilities will have to improve tremendously for Miami to reach the level that FSU currently is.

    You make some good points, but the facilities stuff is overrated.

    Oregon has the best facilities in the game and no rings and for all Florida State's success, only two titles.

    To your point, Miami received a $5M donation last November and it will be used to completely revamp the athletic center and will add 30,000 square feet of new space.

    The $5M donation put Miami at $10.5M of the $13.68M goal for the project.

    Miami is far from a "complete mess". As an institution of higher learning, UM is best in state in many categories.

    UM just hired a solid football and basketball coach and still has a two-time national champion head coach running the baseball program — a program with four titles to FSU's zero.

    Again, UM is a private school with 10K undergrads and FSU has over 30K undergrads as a state university. Miami is doing just fine as a small private university is a large metropolitan city and Al Golden has the resources at his disposal — as well as big city benefits that small towns like Tallahassee can't offer.

    He will build around that and will push the benefits of living in a big city while attending a private school; something FSU and UF cannot compete with.

  32. Oregon I don't think is the best example, they lost the nc game by 3 points to a team that probably paid many of hundreds of thousands of dollars for its players. Ok maybe I was wrong in saying everything was a complete mess, but there are some aspects that are. Take the Miami's stadium situation for example. That's hard to deny that that whole situation isn't a complete mess. I also think that you may be underplaying the role that facilities play in the recruitment of some players. Many young kids in today's world care very much about all the new things that schools have to offer. And don't think for a second that opposing coaches don't remind kids about the whole stadium situation down there, and how many games had very few fans. That is a big deal to SOME recruits. Some don't care about things like that, which is one reason why Miami will always get good recruits. But until things like the stadium situation and the attendence is solved Miami will lose out on a lot of recruits that they could have had.

    As for the other sports, that's all true but that doesn't matter to football recruits. And also FSU is a very good school as well. That is true Miami has many things that Tallahassee doesn't, but if kids will glady go to gainesville or any other place like that to play football, then they will definitely come to Tallahassee as shown in the past 2 recruiting classes, and this upcoming one as well.

    I still think that it is hard to argue that Miami isn't well behind FSU right now. I think that will be revealed more this upcoming season and the one after that as FSU's great recruits become older and more experienced. So while I will never count out Miami, and I think that Al Golden can be a very good coach, I still think Miami is behind FSU right now in pretty much everything in terms of college football.

  33. Oregon had a nice run the past two years, but for all their money there hasn't been that much success. Before 2009 they hadn't won the Pac-10 since 2001. They're also 0-2 in their last two bowl games, losing to Auburn last year and Ohio State before that. Another program that doesn't play many good teams during the year and got exposed on the main stage.

    Look at the teams that are there every year and have been the past several years. Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Texas, LSU, etc. For all Oregon's big Nike money, they are not in that same caliber.

  34. Take the Miami's stadium situation for example. That's hard to deny that that whole situation isn't a complete mess. I also think that you may be underplaying the role that facilities play in the recruitment of some players. Many young kids in today's world care very much about all the new things that schools have to offer. And don't think for a second that opposing coaches don't remind kids about the whole stadium situation down there, and how many games had very few fans.

    Stadium situation has always been a mess and that will never change. Private school in Coral Gables and there will never be an off-campus stadium.

    That said, it's the ninth largest city in this country and with 2.5M people, there are bodies that will be in seats if / when the Canes win.

    Only 9K undergrads, but it's still a city starved for a winner. Look at the rabid fans at tonight's HEAT / Celtics game (… and we'll get back to point in a second.)

    That is a big deal to SOME recruits. Some don't care about things like that, which is one reason why Miami will always get good recruits. But until things like the stadium situation and the attendence is solved Miami will lose out on a lot of recruits that they could have had.

    … Miami has perks that other schools can't offer – like South Beach, a large metropolitan city, nightlife and major sports franchises like the HEAT and Dolphins.

    For every kid that wants a Jumbotron and a high-tech locker room, there are also others who want to be part of a program in a major city, where their program is mentioned in the same breath as LeBron and D-Wade's Heat franchise.

    Miami has more than its fair share of perks – both a a city and program.

    So the stadium is off-campus and doesn't always fill up. It's still the home of many Super Bowls and is a NFL stadium. Win ball games and see how many fans show up.

    75,000+ showed up for the loss to Florida State last year and it'll be a packed house mid-September when Ohio State comes to town and ABC / ESPN are covering the out of conference game nationally.

  35. In this world of flash and bling, you really don't believe things like nice facilities and amenities don't play a roll in a prospect decision process?

  36. I've said it before and will say it again jumbo fisher will prove to be an average coach. His record last year proved part of it and this year will prove the rest. It's not like he was a new coach with a whole new staff, etc. He was a carry over from Bowden so there was not the mess that comes with a coaching change. FSU will lose another 3 or 4 games this year and jimbo will be replaced in 3 years. Simply put he is not a good head coach and will leave FSU highly wanting just as UF is about to go through.

  37. In this world of flash and bling, you really don't believe things like nice facilities and amenities don't play a roll in a prospect decision process?

    … to that point, you don't think South Beach nightlife, a big city like Miami, major sports franchises in town, a Super Bowl-worthy stadium, pro athletes / celebrities working out on campus, etc. all qualifies a "flash and bling"?

    Tallahassee can't hold the city of Miami's jock regarding "flash and bling".

    Nice facilities and a better weightroom are just part of the equation. A big time city like Miami has a ton to offer that small college towns can't.

    That and a resume that boasts five rings to FSU's two.

  38. let the haters hate, when these boys start flying around in september and then get up and tell you how they did it to you and to get ready for it again….

    one thing that people seem to forget is that sports is as much mental as it is phyiscal….

    just make sure they call us THUGS after we seperate the helmet from the head and the hands from the ball!!!!! then get up and laugh at how you look with your mucsles all tense clinching for feeling.

    the head hunters are back, the past players are back teaching about heart, and hitting, and not just beating but demoralizing your competitor and making them want to quit….

    tell 'em thats why were 5 time i said 5 time national champs. have the other two state schools add up their public education and see if they can at least match us between the both of them….

    anyone watching nfl networks 2011 top100…. miami has the most players in the 2011 seasonwith 10he next best team has 6….

    so i'll let my stats talk ya'll keep playing catch up!!!

  39. Chris, You have to enjoy the Nole comments on a Cane site. They want to know what we're up to. Still looking up at Big Brother in Coral Gables. I don't really care what some Nole hack has to say about our classes. You can pick apart every class from every program if you want to, and point to this or that. Who cares. That's college football. Some players pan out, some don't.

    It's easy to talk sh*t in the offseason. Let's see when the season is ending where both teams stand. We can beat them next year just as easily as they beat us last year – it's a rivalry game. Bring it. They better focus on the Sooners right now and worry about us when the time comes. I'm glad they think they're speacial right now, so we'll bring them crashing back to reality on November 12th.

    -Columbus Cane

  40. FSU received BOWL rings for winning their BOWL GAME.

    Still lame. The Canes have won their fair share of bowl game and pass out rings for lesser bowl game victories. Miami smoked Florida in the 2004 Peach Bowl and didn't give out rings for the effort after a 9-3 season.

    Big time programs who have been there and won big should save the ring ceremonies for BCS games, at minimum.

    Has Al golden coached one game as a coach of a top 25 team?

    Nope and a year ago this time, neither has Jimbo Fisher, so what's your point?

    Funny how FSU faithful are quick to knock Al Golden, but in their case, the inexperienced Jimbo Fisher – with no head coaching experience – could take a 7-6 team to 10-4 and ACC Atlantic champs the following – but Miami's first-year coach is dead in the water and has no chance. Nice double standard.

  41. Funny how you got all upset about Bud saying Storm was suspended (true) and now he is dipping out. Miami=recruiting fail

  42. Funny how you got all upset about Bud saying Storm was suspended (true) and now he is dipping out. Miami=recruiting fail

    Actually, Chris, no was was "upset" over anything and the commentary about Bud's piece was based on using "suspended" as his verb of choice – labeling most kids as "could be decent" – as well as his arrogance regarding calling a class full on incoming sophomores a 'failure'.

    There tend to be transfers and dismissals when a new coaching staff is put in place. Nature of the beast.

    For a Storm Johnson who transfers out and doesn't want to compete, Golden and staff will reel in a four-star linebacker like Raphael Kirby, who chose Miami over Florida State, Florida and two dozen others.

    Golden will get kids that WANT to be part of Miami's tradition and who aren't AFRAID of competition.

    Hate to see Johnson go, but time to weed out the kids who are entitled or don't have the mettle to compete and get the job done.

    A safe bet the 2012 class – and beyond – won't be a "recruiting fail", so have fun piling on that 2010 haul – and remember that for every kid who leaves, that's a future scholie that opens up.

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