Duke Johnson Named ACC Rookie Of The Year

duke johnson miami hurricanes running back acc rookie of the yearWeeks back the freshman running back wore a custom-made sweatshirt on game day, sporting the image of the late, great Sean Taylor. Today, on the five-year anniversary of Taylor’s passing, Miami Hurricanes freshman Duke Johnson has been named ACC Rookie Of The Year.

Johnson received thirty-four of the overall forty-six possible votes, while safety Deon Bush was narrowly beaten out for Defensive Rookie Of The Year, falling to Florida State cornerback Ronald Darby. Johnson obviously took the Offensive honors.

Johnson became the first Miami player to ever win the rookie award, a year when he broke the thirteen-year old rushing record of running back Clinton Portis in 1999.

Johnson finished the year with 947 yards and led the ACC with thirty-three yards per kickoff return and 2,070 all-purpose yards, second in UM history only to running back Willis McGahee, who totaled 2,108 in 2002.

“It means a lot being the first in Miami history to win this award,” Johnson said. “And it means so much to me and the team because I couldn’t do it without my teammates. And this is just another way to make my mom proud and show how I really appreciate the sacrifices she made for me when I was younger.”



9 thoughts on “Duke Johnson Named ACC Rookie Of The Year

  1. Well done Duke! I hope this foreshadows more great things in Miami’s future. Duke seemed to get stronger and stronger as the year progressed, and I am sure with some great off season conditioning he will be even stronger, and faster next year.

    GO CANES!!!

  2. Sadly, none of it means anything… because we’ve cowered down to the NCAA instead of fighting for our rights

    1. No one cowered. When dealing with the NCAA you have to play the game. This isn’t the legal / judicial system. The NCAA operates by its own set of rules. Look what it’s done to USC and OSU. You can’t “fight” the NCAA as they come guns blazing and you’re forced to fight with one hand behind your back.

      Had Miami not given up the bowl game this year, bet your ass the NCAA would’ve taken next season’s post-season. No one fights the NCAA and wins. It’s impossible. They’re a monopoly with their own set of rules.

      1. Wrong! The N.C.A.A. is actually a CORRUPT, cartel. Which happens to be run by HYPOCRITICAL, Romney loyalists. Err… or is that GWB, jr. loyalists.

        By the way, there was some CORRUPT, investigative shennanigans employed by the N.C.A.A. in the investigation of Bush. Go bloody figures’.

        CBSSportsline Dennis Dodd just happen to break the news.

        Bottom line is there’s a REASON WHY the N.C.orrupt A.A. tends to LOOK the OTHER WAY, when investigating the S.E.C or say a Nebraska or Oregon, or even a Texas, to name a few.

        And it’s called the RED STATE connection. dUh

        Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule. Enter Oregon.

  3. ” Two non-voting members of the NCAA infractions committee and NCAA staffer allegedly tried to influence voting members inside the 10-person committee. The judge’s decision contains excerpts of emails that he has determined show “ill will or hatred” ( EMPHASIS ADDED ) toward McNair. ” Dennis Dodd, CBSSportsline.com

    And Cane MOD in this here Miami forum had the unmitigated, GULL to say I bloody well BLOVAITE ” conspiracy theories, ” bout both the N.C.A.A. and Mike James. Eh. What say. Go bloody figures’!

    Again, the N.C.A.A. has ALWAYS had an axe to grind with the University of Miami, Florida Hurricane fooball program!!

    Bloody AU CONTRAIRE to what Cane bubba wants to believe.

    And NO ” goody two shoes ” head coach or EXCELLANT player graduating rates will CHANGE the N.C.A.A.’s MADE-UP MIND towards Miami.

    Yeah, yeah both the Hurricane A.D. and President Shalala been obediently, cooperating with the N.C.A.A.

  4. Duke Johnson right now can do no wrong. Great player, ACC rookie of the year and last night was seen at the UM B-ball game (a victory) vs Mich St. 4/5 with star recruit Alex Collins. He just might have a future as the AD of Miami when it’s all said and done lol

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