Canes and Irish agree to three-game series…

Hell has officially frozen over as the Miami Hurricanes and Notre Dame Fighting Irish have agreed to resume their football rivalry, officially inking a three-game series.

UM and ND haven’t met since the 1990 season, but will finally square off – first on October 6th, 2012 at Soldier Field in Chicago. From there the teams will meet on October 8th, 2016 in South Bend and then November 25th, 2017 in Miami.

“I am excited to announce that the University of Miami has renewed its historic football rivalry with the University of Notre Dame,” UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt said in a statement. “Not only is it an outstanding opportunity for both programs, but it is great for the sport of college football.”

Kudos to Hocutt for getting this done. There’s been much discussion about the Canes and Irish getting something on the books and the Miami AD delivered on his promise.

While softer programs (re: Florida) continue to schedule Sisters Of The Poor, the Canes continue with their “take on all comers” mentality of yesteryear.

Last year Miami took on powerhouse Oklahoma out of conference and this year travels to both Ohio State and Pittsburgh (with return games in 2011). Florida is on the docket for 2013 and a two-game series with Nebraska kicks off in 2014. Rutgers and Memphis are on future schedules and a home/home with Kansas State appears to be on the books (though rumors have swirled that Wildcats coach Bill Snyder wanted to remove UM from the schedule).

There are also talks for an ACC/SEC match up in Atlanta in the coming years, potentially pitting Miami against defending national champ Alabama.

Years later there “anytime, anywhere, anyplace” mentality is still alive and well in Coral Gables.



9 thoughts on “Canes and Irish agree to three-game series…

  1. I'm ready for Canes to get there revenge on the Alabama Crimson Tide from the. We still owe Alabama a beat down in Cane town. Where the top-ranked Hurricanes were denied a repeat national championship by No. 2 Alabama. The Sugar Bowl loss ended the program's 29-game winning streak, which dated to 1990.

  2. I'm glad this rivalry has been renewed. I'm not overly excited, though. The Soldier Field date will happen, not so sure about the game in South Bend. I'll believe the Canes' home date will happen when I see the kickoff. Notre Dame is good at scheduling a home and home, only to back out of the return trip.

  3. Better than that is the "anytime, anywhere, anyplace" mentality. I believe we used to call it Swagger.

    Randy Shannon has kept the old school Swagger mentality alive in 305 and sooner than later the benefits will come. All the nightmarish schedules of recent years only makes this team stronger.

  4. Resurrection – While that might've been the case in the past, I'm optimistic.

    This isn't the Notre Dame program we saw in the 80s. They've been humbled due to some sub par play and bad coaching decisions. Outside of falling into two BCS games earlier this decade, this really is a program that hasn't done squat in two decades.

    The only thing I could see changing it : (1) anything ugly happening in the first two games or (2) ND getting good again and feeling they're above making a return trip.

    We'll see. Either way, I'm headed to Soldier Field.

  5. Tcoak says:

    Hey cane fans. Great blog. Actual realistic conversation about UM football. I saw some very informed comments on some of the other threads. This thread? Not so much.

    Sure the ND matchup is a feel good story. But it doesn't go much beyond that. ND, a cold weather, stringent academic requirement program is a shadow of its past. When is the "Sun Life" game? 2017 or something? Yikes.

    Anyway, good luck to UM in the 2010 season. This should be a very good season but I can't see being a "great" season as there are still crucial areas of concern (Oline depth, LB depth,Secondary depth, ST's play, coaching adjustments). I would definitely say that UM should be a national contender in 2011. Would be great to see a matchup between UM and my beloved Gators in 2011. Who knows we could go bowling together in 2010.

  6. Hopefully Bama and UM can close the deal for a match up!! Would love to see that game and hopefully the same outcome as 92 …. Make sure the Canes WR's hold onto the ball this time!!! Roll Tide!!!

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