CaneFreak2001’s Duke Johnson Highlight Reel

duke johnson miami hurricanes allcanesblogOur good bud Canefreak2001 has recently compiled a highlight reel for Miami Hurricanes running back Duke Johnson. Check out the 5:11 clip below and more great UM footage from Canefreak2001 on his YouTube Channel.



2 thoughts on “CaneFreak2001’s Duke Johnson Highlight Reel

  1. This guy is just UNBELIEVABLE. I’m really really really excited to see what he can do next year. Same with the entire offense. Sky is the limit with the team next year. I’ve talked about this with my brother, a couple of my close friends who love the Canes like I do, and I love telling my Gator loving cousins to beware of our offense next season. The Gators will have a tough D but I’m confident with a BIG veteran O Line that keeps improving with Kehoe, a deep receiving corps, a star running back, and a fearless gamer QB, that we can beat them, let alone, have an amazing season. GO CANES! GO DUKE!…JOHNSON lol

  2. Jeezus the music in that video was horrible. Never thought I’d hear something worse than country music, but that, that was it.

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